Have You Been the Victim of a CNG Accident? Learn How an Attorney Could Help You Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles are regaining popularity since the cost of natural gas has decreased over the past few years. This gas can serve as a useful fuel in place of gasoline, diesel, or even propane because it is held under extremely high pressure. A CNG accident, however, has the potential to go wrong and result in catastrophic harm or even death.

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Benefits and drawbacks of CNG

In actuality, there are numerous justifications for using CNG. Compared to gasoline, it produces a lot less pollution. Additionally, natural gas is safer in the event of a spill because it may disperse into the air as opposed to contaminating the groundwater like oil and gas can. Despite this, CNG accidents frequently result in fatalities because things frequently go horribly wrong.

How to respond if you are a compressed natural gas accident victim

Many businesses and public transportation organizations in California have started embracing CNG. In terms of these vehicles, we actually lead the country. Although they must adhere to the same safety standards as other types of cars, CNG canisters and tanks can actually turn out to be highly dangerous. In the nation, there are roughly 150,000 CNG-powered vehicles, and there are more than 15 million of them worldwide.

Even though there are many different ways that a CNG mishap can occur, it can be as easy as an old tank scratching the pavement. An explosion might happen if it does so quickly. For instance, a bus explosion in Pakistan in 2015 killed 62 people.

Speak with a lawyer familiar with this particular area of law if you have been hurt in this kind of accident or have lost a loved one who has. We must first establish who was to blame for the mishap. Who sold the CNG tank, the business? Who made the car, the manufacturer? Who is the vehicle’s driver? a mechanic who performed vehicle maintenance?

Once the error has been identified, we will collect as much supporting information as we can. After that, we can bargain with the responsible party to secure a just settlement for you. We will take your case to court if they refuse to consider reasonable offers. For a free legal consultation, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 right away.