X-Lite guardrails can impale vehicles that hit them, causing major damage

Guardrail Manufacturer Faces Injury and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Car accidents can be particularly upsetting when they are caused by things that are supposed to keep us safe, as several Tennessee families have discovered after a defective guardrail design resulted in serious injuries and death.

Two families recently filed lawsuits against X-LITE guardrail manufacturer Lindsay Corporation, alleging that the design of the guardrail is defective because it fails to “telescope” into itself when hit head-on. Telescoping would reduce the force of collisions; without it vehicles are essentially getting impaled on the guardrail’s horizontal beams. Needless to say, having a huge metal beam penetrate the vehicle makes the accident much worse, turning what might have been a minor accident into a serious, sometimes fatal one.

X-LITE guardrails are found in 29 states across the country and make up about 1 percent of our nation’s guardrails, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Tennessee has the third most X-LITE guardrails of any state, and officials have announced a multi-million-dollar plan to remove and replace about 1,700 of these defective guardrails in Tennessee.

In June, a new set of crash-testing standards will go into effect that will preclude states from getting federal reimbursement for new X-LITE guardrails.

Of course, these measures will be cold comfort to individuals who have been injured by X-LITE guardrails, and to families who have lost loved ones. While no amount of money can truly compensate for the loss of a loved one or for the pain and suffering of a life-changing injury, seeking compensation is nonetheless wise. With a personal injury or wrongful death action, it is possible to secure compensation to help cover medical bills and other expenses and allow individuals affected by defective products or negligent drivers to move forward with their lives.

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