Get the Facts About the Most Common Types of Burn Injuries and Find Out if You Have Legal Options After a Burn Accident The majority of people associate burn injuries with those sustained in a fire. However, there are many more sorts of burns than you would imagine, and they are more common than you might expect. In fact, several of these burn injuries could happen right in your own house.

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Thermal burns

A thermal burn is caused by coming into touch with a heated object. Fire, as well as superheated steam, water, or other liquids, fall under this category. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to scald burns from hot liquids.

Electric burns

Burns can also be caused by exposure to electrical current. For example, if a lightning strike delivers a jolt of electricity through your body, or if you contact an exposed wire or an ungrounded wire, you could get burned.

Chemical burns

When common household and commercial chemicals come into contact with exposed skin, they can cause burns. Strong acids, drain cleaners, paint thinner, and even gasoline are examples.

Radiation burns

The most prevalent cause of radiation burns is sun damage. Radiation burns can also be caused by tanning booths, sunlamps, or X-ray machines.

Friction burns

Because friction generates heat, if you fall and skid down any hard or abrasive surface, such as a road, carpet, or gym floor, you may suffer from a friction burn.

Burn injuries symptoms

All burn injuries are excruciatingly painful. Some are only visible on the surface of the skin, affecting only the top layer. A first-degree burn is what this is called. Third-degree burns affect the tissue beneath the skin, while second-degree burns hurt further layers of the skin. The most dangerous burns are fourth-degree burns, which can damage muscle, ligaments, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and even bones.

Is it possible to sue for burn injuries?

You may be eligible to bring a lawsuit and receive compensation for your injuries and suffering depending on how and why you were burned. Many burn injuries, for example, are caused by defective products or products that lack sufficient warning labels. In such circumstances, the maker would be held accountable for any harm.

Car accidents can cause burn injuries if the vehicle catches fire, and motorcyclists might get friction burns if they fall off their bike during an accident. In these cases, the individual who caused the accident would be responsible for the victim’s burn injuries as well as any additional injuries.

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