Get the Facts about Speeding: Why is it So Dangerous and Why Does it Lead to So Many Deaths?

Most people understand that speeding is dangerous, yet most people also admit to speeding sometimes. This may be because they do not realize just how dangerous it is or just how easily it can turn what would have been a minor accident into a deadly accident or one with catastrophic injuries.

Speeding is One of the Most Common Causes of Traffic Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that speeding is one of the top contributing factors to car accidents. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) also found that the faster vehicles go, the greater the impact and the more serious the results are if an accident occurs.

They further found that the risk of an injury in an accident is lowest for drivers who are driving below or at the median speed, while it increases significantly when drivers drive faster.

Lower Speed Limits Save Lives

Congress passed a law in 1974 that established a national speed limit of 55 miles per hour. The purpose was actually to lower fuel use, but according to a study from the IIHS, it also reduced fatal car accidents by 16%. Unfortunately, the nationally established speed limit is no longer in place and fatal car accidents have once again risen.

Speeding above the Speed Limit Isn’t the Only Issue to Consider

When you think of speeding, you may think of driving over the speed limit. This is not the only way you can speed. For example, if there is road construction or a traffic accident, it can slow the flow of traffic. Driving at the legal limit could still put you in increased anger and be considered speeding. Remember that the goal of choosing a speed is to be able to perceive danger and react quickly.

Other factors that could be cause to slow down include weather conditions like snow, rain, sleet, fog, or ice. It is up to a driver to constantly consider their surroundings and decide what speed within the legal limit is the right speed to reduce danger.

These Three Factors Can Have a Huge Impact on Severe Crashes

We mentioned that speeding is one of the biggest contributing factors to serious accidents. You may wonder – what else tops the list? Experts say that driving above safe speeds, not exercising caution, and not adjusting to road conditions all have a negative impact. This is why they strongly recommend that drivers consider these factors when looking for ways to stay safe.

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