Four Steps to Follow if You Are Injured at a National Park

Summer is here and many people are working hard to stay socially distant, yet they want to go out and enjoy the world. An answer for many is to visit National Parks. While this can be a great time, it can also be dangerous. According to the Park Service’s data, about 6,000 people either suffer serious injury or die after an accident in a National Park each year.

  1. Know Where You Are
  2. It is always important to know where you are in the Park. Even if you are going to hike deep into a mountain, you should have a map and keep track of where you are. If you do not, then it will be difficult or impossible to tell rescue personnel where you are and how they can get help to you. Knowing your location also helps you be better aware of and prepared for animal activity, cliffs, and other hazards.

  3. Document the Scene of the Accident
  4. Medical care is of the utmost importance if someone is seriously hurt on National Park property. That said, it is important that you document the scene of the accident. This can go a long way toward proving your case by providing physical evidence of what caused and/or contributed to the injury. This might be necessary to prove that the Park Service was liable for the injury.

  5. Document All Injuries
  6. You must be sure to document not just the initial injury at the scene, but also the injury as you recover. Remember that how long it takes to recover and how it recovers will affect how much your settlement is. For example, a person who has a very serious injury, such as a spinal cord injury, could end up with the same settlement as a person with a broken ankle, if the spinal cord injury healed quickly and the broken ankle involved many complications.

  7. Hire the Right Personal Injury Attorney
  8. It is essential that you have the right attorney on your side. In fact, this might have the biggest impact on your case of anything. You need an attorney who will push your case through the courts if necessary, but who can also negotiate aggressively for the best possible settlement if that is the right move. You need someone with experience, compassion, and integrity. You need The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker.

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