Four of the Most Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

It is not hard to see why a pedestrian accident would so often result in serious, catastrophic injuries and even death: the person who is struck has no protection. Even at a low speed, being struck by a vehicle is likely to be life changing. Read on to learn about some of the most common injuries this type of accident can cause, then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation with an experienced attorney.

Speed Often Means the difference Between Serious Injuries and Minor Injuries

While there are many factors that can affect how likely a person is to get seriously injured in a pedestrian accident, none of them are as important as the speed of the vehicle. Studies show that three out of four pedestrian accidents occur with vehicles driving 25 miles or less. It is the other 25% of accidents that are more likely to cause death or serious injury.

  1. Head Injuries
  2. Unfortunately, head injuries are all too common in pedestrian accidents. Why? Because the victim generally hits the pavement hard. Even a “minor” concussion is a serious, traumatic brain injury and can have lasting impact on the person’s quality of life. Head injuries are also the leading cause of fatal pedestrian accidents.

  3. Neck/Back Injuries
  4. When a pedestrian is thrown up on the hood of a driver’s car, they are likely roll over the windshield and end up on the ground behind the vehicle. This can cause serious injuries to the back, the neck, and other body parts. It is essentially as though the pedestrian has been thrown like a rag doll first against the vehicle and then against the ground. These injuries can cause permanent pain and long-term disability.

  5. Leg Injuries
  6. Not all injuries involve the vehicle hitting the pedestrian at full speed. In some cases, the vehicle will bump a pedestrian. This generally happens around the knees, which makes it no surprise that it can cause leg injuries. This can include a broken leg, pelvis, or hip, as well as extensive soft tissue damage. In the worst case scenario, amputation is required.

  7. Injuries to the Torso
  8. When a person is hit by an SUV, pickup truck, or semi-truck, their injuries are likely to be higher up on the body. This can result in cracked ribs, damage to the lungs, and damage to other vital organs like the liver.

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