Follow These Tips to Reduce the Chance That You Will Be Involved in a Rollover SUV Accident

There are many reasons that SUVs are so popular – in fact they are the most popular vehicle in the country. Unfortunately, they are also responsible for nearly one in three fatal car accidents in the country too. The main reason for this issue is the likelihood of an SUV being in a rollover accident. Learn some tips on how to prevent these accidents and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you need a free legal consultation.

Understanding Why SUVs Roll Over

SUVs are trucks are both more likely to roll over than any other types of vehicles because they have a higher center of gravity. This means they are heavier at top, which makes it much easier for sideways force to turn them over. Roll overs are even more common when vehicles are moving at high speeds, when they swerve, or when they are overloaded on top.

Buy a Newer SUV

The best thing you can do to lower your chance of being involved in a roll over accident is to buy a newer SUV. They are better equipped for quality and safety. The latest SUV will have the latest systems to keep it from rolling over, such as electronic stability control, which can apply the brakes if you lose control of the vehicle. You should also choose an SUV with a lower center of gravity coupled with a wider wheelbase.

Do Not Overload Your SUV

One of the main reasons that people choose SUVs is because they have extra space, which means that it is easy to overload them. When your SUV is overloaded, it will be less stable. We recommend looking at your vehicle’s manual to ensure you know the maximum weight it can support. Do not go over that amount. Pack the heaviest items at the base of the car. The roof rack should only have lighter items.

Do Not Speed

If you are speeding, your SUV is more likely to roll over. If you are speeding, you need more time to stop and are more likely to hit collide with vehicles in front of you. If you are speeding and get into an accident, then the injuries from that accident are more likely to be serious or life threatening. The speed limit should be just that – the fastest you ever drive – and you should slow down even further if there is inclement weather or other issues reducing safety on the road.

Have You Been Involved in a Rollover Accident?

If you have already been the victim of a rollover accident then we strongly recommend you contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation. We are standing by to provide you with comprehensive advice on how you can proceed. Call us today and let us help you decide if you have grounds for a case.