Five Tools That Could Help You After a Car Accident

It can be disorienting to be involved in a car accident. You may not know what to do, who to call, or how to move forward. Of course, the first step is to get medical care. Once you have done that, it is important to talk to a personal injury attorney to determine what your legal rights are. You can do keep reading to find out about five tools that can help you or you can contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.

  1. iWrecked
  2. This is a simple app that helps you focus on the specific actions you need to take after an accident. For example, it will provide you with a list of information to collect from all involved parties, such as insurance info and IDs, will prompt you to take photos, and even allows you to pre-program information on your emergency contact so you can instantly contact them without thought.

  3. The C.A.R. App
  4. The Car Accident Report app, or C.A.R. for short, works with the camera on your phone. It has a helpful, seamless interface that can be used to recorded essential details of the crash. It includes GPS functionality to document exactly where the accident occurred, allow for the creation of more than one profile per account, and even has a multi-vehicle accident platform.

  5. The Help I Crashed My Car App
  6. This is an app that allows you to pre-record important information so you are ready if you do get into an accident. For example, you can pre-record personal information, vehicle info, and information about your emergency contact. You can enable the app to track the GPS when an accident occurs. You can record both audio notes and photographic evidence with the app. It can also give you information on mechanics in the area, rental car companies, and insurance data.

  7. AAA Roadside Help
  8. The official website of AAA could help you if you have a damaged or broken-down vehicle that needs to be towed to the nearest mechanic. Their app allows you to store your card and upload all current vehicle information as well.

  9.  An App from Your Car Insurance Company
  10. It is likely that the company from which you get car insurance has their own app. This app will likely have a virtual copy of your insurance card and might feature additional benefits like allowing you to take photos and create documents of the accident, or a simple way to contact an agent instantly.

Of course, one of the most important tools of your process will be working with The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000. We are here to work with you from the first to the last. Call us now and we can get started with a free legal consultation.