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Faking Auto Accident Injuries is a Bad Idea
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Faking Auto Accident Injuries is a Bad Idea

Faking an auto accident injury is not only a bad idea, it's illegal, not to mention incredibly dangerous, and could lead to serious injuries or death. However, faking an injury may seem like an easy paycheck for some people. Fortunately, in their rush to scam an innocent party, these criminals may forget what challenges they will face in order to prove fault.

Insurance adjusters are trained professionals and are knowledgeable about con artists and rip-off methods. If they suspect fraud, they may hire a private investigator to observe the claimant’s behavior and activities. Insurance companies only pay compensation when they feel it is fairly deserved.

Anyone who claims injury from an auto accident eventually will visit a doctor. Insurance settlements are based on injuries and a person’s cooperation with their physician and commitment to the proposed rehabilitative regiment. Failure to cooperate with physicians and other healthcare personnel sends up red flags to insurance adjusters – and attorneys.

Today’s healthcare environment and medical payment reimbursement system make it hard enough for an honest accident victim to receive benefits, much less a criminal faking his or her way through a comprehensive disability exam. Expect reputable and experienced attorneys to subpoena medical records and other medical information pertaining to an auto accident victim. Watch for expert witnesses whose factual analysis can zero in on fraudulent behavior. Keep in mind that auto accident scams are a serious business for a segment of the criminal society. If you think you are a victim of such a scam, be careful at the accident scene.

* If able, get the necessary information from the other driver.
* Write down your version of the accident. Ask the other driver for his or her version.
* Be aware of suspicious witnesses that appear out of the woodwork.
* Call an accident attorney immediately and explain your situation and suspicions.

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