Experts Say These Tools Could Help Keep Big Rig Drivers Safer on the Road

In more than half of the states in U.S., trucking is one of the most common jobs. Unfortunately, though this job is important, it can also be dangerous. Big rig accidents can occur for many reasons including health issues of the driver, traffic, and poor weather. The good news is that some new, innovative technology may be paving the way toward keeping big rig drivers safer when they are at work.

Wristbands for Truck Drivers

Truckers sit for hours and hours in a row. They often do not get good sleep. Both of these behaviors can result in a higher chance for various health issues including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. These behaviors can also cause lowered attention span, poor focus, and overall decrease safety.

This is where smart wristbands come in. They actually measure heart rate, keep skin temperatures regular, and otherwise calculate how alert a trucker is. They can also rate their sleep quality, stress, and other health markers. When the driver and their manager have this information, steps can be taken if the truck driver is in danger of falling asleep or otherwise is driving while drowsy or unsafe.

GPS Can Help Keep Everyone Safe

It is important for truck drivers to use GPS – and not just so they know the fastest way to get to where they need to go. They also need information on fuel prices at various truck stops, weight limits on bridges they are coming up on, and road conditions. There are specialized GPS programs made specifically for truck drivers so they can stay safer on the road.

Electronic Logbook Devices Are Helpful

Known better to truck drivers as ELDs, these devices can track a number of things for truck drivers. They can track how long they have been behind the wheel, how many miles they have traveled, and factors of their on the road duties. Fleet managers and the truck drivers who work for them can use this data to make sure that drivers get enough breaks and are getting enough sleep – both of which can help reduce the chance of a driver being involved in an accident.

EDLs make record keeping much easier, which is especially good because federal law requires not just adherence to rules but evidence of said adherence.

Nothing Can Prevent All Truck Accidents

While we want every truck driver to do everything they can to remain safe on the road, it is not possible to prevent all accidents. If you are in an accident with a truck driver, you should contact a personal injury attorney for a free legal consultation. Remember that if someone else is even partially at fault, they could be liable for your damages. Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker now at 800-333-0000 to get started.