Examples of Almost-Accidents Can Tell Us a Lot About How to Stay Safer on California Roads

It should not take a serious injury in a car accident for a person to be safer on California roads – and it does not have to. It is likely that you have been involved in near-hits or almost-accidents. If something had gone just slightly different, you could have been involved in a serious accident and this is worth learning from. Keep reading for examples and to learn what you could have learned from them.

Skidding on a Wet Road

Have you ever driven down a road on a rainy day, hit the brakes too hard, and skidded? Due to the rare rain we experience in many parts of California, when the rain does come it can be extra dangerous. It mixes with the oil that has been on the road for months and the first 45 minutes can be very slick. If you have experienced this, then make sure you are braking more gently when you drive in the rain, and keep more distance between you and other vehicles.

Getting into a Serious Conversation and Not Paying Attention to the Road

Have you ever been driving down the street talking to a friend or loved one, and suddenly a bike rider, pedestrian, or another driver seemed to come out of nowhere? It may be that you were just too involved in your conversation to pay attention to what is happening on the road. The lesson here is clear: Pay attention to what is going on around you and save the deep conversations for once you have gotten to your destination.

Backing Up and Realizing You Almost Hit Someone

Have you ever backed out of a parking lot spot, only to realize when you were done that there had been someone right behind you or next to you that you almost hit? Have you ever backed out of your driveway and then noticed that a child was about to cross the street? These are almost-misses that can be downright devastating. They are good examples of how important it is to look behind you every single time you backup – even if you are “sure” that there is no one behind you.

You Missed an Exit Because You Couldn’t Read the Sign in Time

If your vision is bad enough that you cannot see a sign until it is too late to slow down or turn off, then you should have your eyes checked. This is a good sign that you are not in a position to drive safely. The good news is that glasses or contacts, or a stronger prescription for what you already have, can help you get back on the road.

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