Everything You Need to Know About Bird Rides and Lime Scooter Accidents

Bird Rides and other scooter startups like Lime are battling to stay legal in California. Though there are arguments for them, including the fact that they reduce traffic and carbon output, there are very serious concerns about their safety. Not only do the scooter riders rarely wear helmets, but they are putting drivers in risk of being involved in accidents.

People throughout L.A. and San Francisco have been calling personal injury attorneys after being injured in scooter accidents. Though neither Bird Rides or Lime currently have any lawsuits filed against them, most in the industry consider it just a matter of time before they do. Read on to learn more about what these scooters are, what the controversy is, and why it may be important to you.

The story behind the scooters

The scooters started showing up in various parts of the United States in 2017. They are unlocked when a smartphone user pays $1.00. Said user then pays $0.15 per minute to rent it. The scooters can get up to 15 miles an hour. They are extremely popular but they are also polarizing. Companies that rent them, such as Bird Rides and Lime, say that they are the logical extension of companies like Uber. Others say that they are nothing more than an aggravating fad that puts everyone at risk.

One law firms experience with scooter-related cases

One law firm says that they have been getting scooter-related calls for months. The first one involved a 16-year-old boy who was riding a Bird scooter and fell down. His family wanted to make a claim and since then, others have called in. Many of the cases involve young riders. Common injuries include broken bones and most accidents are single-rider accidents caused by the brakes locking or the rider losing control of the scooter.

Some experts say there will be more of these accidents in L.A. than San Francisco

Some experts have weighed in on the issue and said that they believe more scooter accidents will happen in Los Angeles. They point to the fact that cars are so much more popular than they are in San Francisco. They also point out that runners and bicycle riders are already common in San Francisco, so cars are used to sharing the road. This is less true of Los Angeles drivers.

Everyone is in danger with these scooters

Most people who ride these scooters are not wearing helmets. If they are involved in an accident on their own, they are likely to suffer a brain injury or other long-term injury. They are also a risk to everyone around them. For example, when they rush through an intersection they are at risk of hitting a pedestrian or hitting a car. Though some things are up for debate, one thing is certain: The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker will be keeping an eye on these cases.