Everyone Should Be Aware of This Potential Cause of Injury in a Rideshare Vehicle

Whether you think a rideshare is safer than a taxi or a taxi is safer than a rideshare, it’s crucial to understand what factors might influence your chances of being involved in a vehicle accident. Continue reading to learn about a potentially major problem that might put you in risk every time you take an Uber or Lyft. If you have suffered an injury in a rideshare accident, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for help.

The Center for Auto Safety has issued an announcement

The Center for Auto Safety has issued letters to the CEOs of numerous ridesharing businesses. The CAS demanded that any recall cars be withdrawn from these ridesharing firms’ platforms in these letters. Rideshare providers could get rid of these cars at the click of a button, according to the CAS, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization.

They highlight the fact that these ridesharing businesses claim to be in the “technology sector,” rather than the taxi or driving business. If that’s the case, CAS contends, there’s no reason why these potentially unsafe cars can’t be readily deleted from databases.

Are vehicles that have been recalled really that dangerous?

Yes. Unrepaired recall cars have the potential to hurt or kill passengers, drivers, cyclists, and even pedestrians. Takata airbag inflators alone have resulted in at least 24 deaths throughout the world, despite the fact that they have long been known to be faulty. A well-known GM ignition switch defect resulted in roughly 170 deaths in the United States alone.

There have also been minor recalls for a variety of car safety features in addition to these large recalls. Recalls should be taken seriously since they can save lives, from non-deploying airbags to automobiles that could catch fire.

Is this a serious problem with rideshare vehicles?

While it is clear that recalled automobiles are a problem, the question is whether this affects a large number of ridesharing vehicles. Yes, according to a Consumer Reports research, there is a problem. They discovered in May 2019 that one out of every six Uber and/or Lyft vehicles in NYC and Seattle had at least one unresolved safety recall.

If you’ve been injured in a rideshare vehicle, here’s what you should do

If you are hurt while riding in a rideshare car, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer. Even if the driver’s insurance company offers you a compensation, you should not accept it without first consulting an attorney. It’s simple to do so: For a free legal consultation, call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000. We can go over the fundamentals with you and provide you our legal advice on how to proceed.