Every Bus Rider Can Do Their Part to Make Buses Safer for Everyone

Making use of public transit is an excellent way to save money while also reducing your environmental effect. Taking the bus, train, or other form of public transit is a great way to avoid exorbitant parking expenses, automobile wear and tear, and the aggravation of daily traffic.

While buses are generally a safe mode of transportation, when one crashes, the consequences may be severe. Recent news articles have emphasized the dangers of bus accidents, with several reports of high fatalities and injuries across the United States.

As passengers, we have no assurance that the bus will be operated safely or that other drivers on the road will be responsible. However, we may take efforts to decrease our risk of serious injury or death in the case of a collision by preventing our own activities from triggering an accident.

Bus safety must be practiced by children and adults

The majority of people believe that bus safety guidelines are only for children. Many adults, on the other hand, take the bus to work or to travel around town every day. We all share responsibility for safe bus operations, and we should all do our part to decrease the risk of an accident.

Do not distract the driver

The first — and arguably most essential — thing we can all do as bus riders to reduce our chances of being involved in an accident is to avoid distracting the bus driver. On the bus, do not yell, scream, or otherwise create a ruckus. If someone else starts behaving badly, try to deal with it discreetly — or gently tell the driver of the situation. You should not bring anything onboard the bus that will distract the driver, and you should always keep a firm grip on your belongings to prevent them from falling or rolling forward.

If you see something, say something

If you witness a bus driver doing something dangerous, make a report. Anything from talking on the phone while driving to seeming to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol might be considered. While you may not want to be held responsible for someone’s job loss, the seriousness of bus accidents makes it all the more critical to report a driver who is careless or irresponsible.

Staying safe while the bus is moving

When riding the bus, you can take precautions to protect yourself in the event of an accident. Get a seat on the bus whenever feasible. If you can’t sit during the ride because it’s too crowded, grab a strap or pole to brace yourself. Remember that if you fall, you’re likely to collide with other passengers on a packed bus. If you have to stand for part of your commute, brace yourself and hang on tight.

Take care getting on and off the bus

Finally, be cautious when boarding and disembarking from the bus. Only board or exit the bus once it has come to a complete stop, and once off, move immediately out of the path. Make sure your bag, briefcase, or purse doesn’t get snagged on the door or a railing as you depart the bus. If the bag becomes trapped and the bus does not stop, let go of it. It’s more preferable to lose your belongings than to get pulled by a bus.

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