Essential Steps to Take if You Have Been Involved in a Big Rig or Commercial Truck Accident in California

Car accidents are unsettling no matter how big the cars are. Accidents involving commercial trucks, on the other hand, can have life-altering consequences for both your emotional and physical health. Tractor trailers are substantially larger than regular automobiles, and in the case of an accident, they may do a lot of damage. If you’re involved in a commercial truck accident, here’s what you should do.

Get to a safe space

Examine your injuries as well as the condition of your car. If you have the ability to relocate your automobile, pull over to the side of the road and park. Because commercial vehicles frequently travel on highways, it is critical to arrive at a safe location. Stay put, contact 911, and wait for help if you can’t move your car or if you fear you’ve been seriously harmed.

Take photographs

Take photos or videos of the situation while you wait for first responders. If you are not seriously hurt, leave your vehicle safely and check for other drivers. Take images of the collision if it looks like there are just minor injuries. Take photographs of the damage to all of the cars, as well as any skid marks or other road hazards. Because first responders will likely remove away damage and debris as fast as possible so that traffic may continue, these images will offer an accurate depiction of the collision.

Exchange information

Along with snapping photographs, you should exchange personal and insurance information with the other drivers while you wait. Your insurance number, phone number, name, and any other relevant information should all be included in this section. It’s critical not to say anything at this time that may be seen as an admission of guilt. Don’t apologize; it might hurt your case in the long run.

Seek medical advice

When there are no obvious injuries, many individuals will delay getting medical help. This is a blunder. Seeing a doctor is critical, especially in the days after the accident. Some injuries, such as concussions and whiplash, are not apparent, but they can have long-term consequences. When it comes to getting compensation for the accident, seeking medical care will help your case.

Speak with a lawyer

It may seem preferable to leave the aftermath of an accident to the insurance company. This isn’t correct. If you consult with an attorney, you can choose whether you should accept any settlements or pursue a lawsuit against the driver or the trucking business.

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