Learn about three common mistakes you should avoid if you are hurt at work.

Don’t Make These 3 Workers’ Compensation Mistakes

Have you been injured on the job? You may already be aware that you can file a claim with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company in order to receive assistance with your medical care and other benefits.

The workers’ compensation claims process can be complicated and far too many individuals have their claims rejected due to one or more of the following common mistakes.

Waiting Too Long to File

In many cases, workers are hesitant to file workers’ compensation claims because they are afraid of the impact it might have on their job. They may believe that the injury will heal on its own and there is no need to “bother” their employer by reporting it or filing a claim.

The reality is, it is to your advantage to report your injury to your employer immediately and begin the workers’ compensation process. You can always discontinue the process later if you choose to do so, but you will not be able to catch up after delayed reporting.

In most cases, there is a 90 day deadline for filing a workers’ compensation claim. But you don’t want to wait this long. The more time that passes between your injury and your claim, the more difficult it will be to gather the documentation you need to secure benefits.

Failing to Communicate with Your Doctor

Your medical records are a key source of evidence in your workers’ comp case and they will be scrutinized carefully. You must tell your doctor that your injury happened at work and describe the specific circumstances that led to the injury. This is important because it will help the doctor make an appropriate diagnosis as well as create a clear link between your injury and your work.

If you neglect to tell your doctor that your injury happened at work, this will raise questions in the eyes of the workers’ comp insurance agents working on your case. They may suspect that your injury is not real or that it was caused by something other than your work.

Not Consulting an Attorney

Workers’ compensation claims are more complicated than you might think. There are many possible areas where you could trip up and make a mistake that could cost you your benefits. Rather than trying to handle your claim yourself, you should definitely consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who understands the claims process and can help you anticipate issues and address them proactively.

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