Do You Know the Six Different Types of Bike Lanes in California?

As a driver, it is wise to know not just where most bike lanes are but what the various types of bike lanes mean. In California, there are six different types of bike lanes. Keep reading to learn more about them and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you have been injured in a bike accident.

  1. The Basic Bike Lane
  2. This is the type of bike lane you are most commonly used to. It is along streets next to vehicle traffic. In most cases, you will see it delineated by one solid white line. When it gets closers to an intersection, that line will become a dashed line.

  3. Buffered Bike Lanes
  4. These lanes offer extra protection for bike riders by increasing the amount of separation from vehicle traffic, as well as from parking on the roads – which can lead to serious dooring injuries. Diagonal marking and/or chevron markings are the most common ways of delineating these types of bike lanes.

  5. Bike Routes
  6. These are bike lanes on preferred, designed routes for bikes on roads they share with vehicle traffic. There are bike route signs, as well as shared roadway markings, to indicate where these routes are and how they should be followed.

  7. Bike Boulevard
  8. In some instances, there is a designed route for bikes on streets that have vehicles. This is somewhat like a bike route, except where a bike route prioritizes those in cars, a bike boulevard is created to prioritize safe bike travel.

  9. Separated Bikeway
  10. This is often called a protected bike lane and less frequently called a cycle track. It is used only for bikes and is physically separate from all other moving traffic. The way it is separated can vary and may include flexible posts, inflexible barriers, on-street parking, or even grade separation.

  11. Shared Roadway Bike Markings
  12. Also known as sharrows, shared roadway bike markings help bikes stay in the right lane. They are alerts that show bikes that they can go into certain lanes and, when used correctly, instruct drivers and bike riders on where each other should be located.

Have You Been Involved in a Bike Accident?

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