Do You Have a Personal Injury Case to Bring Against a Major Corporation? We Can Handle the Unique Challenges

There are several sorts of personal injury occurrences that might result in a claim being filed against a large business rather than a single individual. For example, if you were wounded by a truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel, you would sue the trucking firm since they are responsible for their drivers’ acts.

If you were injured at a store, the business might be held responsible since retailers are required to keep their premises free of dangers such as slips, trips, dangerous storage, and falling objects. If an individual is the victim of a crime on the premises, companies may be held liable for negligent security. Of course, faulty product makers can be held liable for accidents and diseases caused by their products.

If a large business is involved in your claim—whether it’s a truck accident claim, premises liability claim, negligent security claim, or product liability claim—you may expect to confront some unique difficulties in your search for compensation.

Affirmative defense

The first important distinction between suing a single individual and suing a large business is the amount of resources available to defend them. A major corporation’s army of attorneys and specialists will mobilize as soon as they hear about any type of disaster that might expose them to responsibility, seeking for every conceivable excuse to reject your compensation, or at the very least persuade you to settle for less money than you deserve.

Litigation can be difficult

You’d think that once responsibility is established, major businesses would be eager to settle personal injury lawsuits swiftly and discreetly in order to protect their brand and image. This isn’t always the case, though. Instead, the counsel representing large businesses generally strive to drag out the case as far as possible in order to make it more difficult and expensive for the plaintiffs to pursue their claim. They could, for example:

  • Object to demands for information, such as footage from their security cameras
  • File a request for summary judgment to have the lawsuit against them dismissed
  • Request that the matter be transferred from state to federal court, as federal courts are more lenient toward corporate defendants
  • Hire specialists to speak on their behalf—which may necessitate the plaintiff hiring their own experts to successfully refute this testimony

Have you been harmfully affected by a large corporation?

It’s critical to have a personal injury lawyer on your side who has dealt with large businesses before, who won’t be frightened by an aggressive defense strategy, and who will devote enough time and attention to your case. We know how to go up against huge businesses and win at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker. You can count on us to provide the aggressive, attentive, and effective representation you need to preserve your rights. For additional information, contact us at 800-333-0000 and ask for a free first consultation.