Do Not Settle Your Personal Injury Claim Until the Full Extent of Your Injuries Are Understood

When a person suffers a serious injury in an accident, it is generally best to wait until all necessary medical treatment has been received before settling a personal injury case. Why? Because, though your doctor can estimate, they do not know the full cost of your injuries until they have been fully treated.

You may be able to estimate how long you will be out of work but only time will tell. Your doctor may believe that one line of treatment will fix your injuries, only to find that you do not respond or that additional treatment is needed. If you have already settled your case at this point, then you will have no further rights to recover damages from the at-fault party.

There Are Options to Pay Your Medical Bills

One of the reasons that clients often want to settle their personal injury claim sooner rather than later is because they have medical bills that need to be paid. They may need a surgery that their health insurance does not cover and need the money from the settlement to cover it. In this case, settling your case before you know the full extent of your injuries is not your only option.

Your personal injury attorney can work directly with your medical providers to encourage them to treat you now and accept payment out of your injury claim. This is a very common practice and it is likely that your medical providers will agree. If not, other arrangements can be made. Your personal injury attorney has may years of experience handling situations just like this one.

What to Do if You Must Settle the Claim Now

Though we do not advise it, if you believe that you know what treatment or procedure you will need in the future, and this has been documented by your treating physician then you could technically settle your claim now.

You would need a statement from your doctor that states that the treatment or procedure they are proposing is necessary due to the injuries you sustained in the accident, when the procedure will take place, an estimated cost, how long you would need to recover, and how much work you would likely miss.

Remember that you will also need to consider additional costs related to the treatment, such as physical therapy after the procedure or the cost of modifications required to your home or vehicle. Once again, this is a risky situation because, until you are fully recovered, there is no guarantee that your treatment will go as planned or cost exactly what the doctor estimates.

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