Do Bike Share Programs Reduce or Increase the Chance of Vehicle Accidents in California?

Bike sharing systems have exploded in popularity around the country. The specifics vary each city, but the fundamental concept remains the same: bikes may be rented for free or for a small price at stations across town with a simple scan of a credit or debit card. These initiatives, which are usually sponsored by a corporation like as Citibank and have enabled visitors and local residents to enjoy riding and visiting new places around the country.

Bike sharing provides a lot of advantages. It has the potential to boost tourism, minimize user environmental impact, and provide opportunities for cyclists to exercise and enjoy being outside. However, there are risks connected with these programs, maybe even more so than with other types of biking.

Potential Dangers of Bike Sharing

Bicycles used for bike sharing may not be maintained in the same way that a private bike would be. You have no way of knowing when the tires were last filled, the gears were oiled, the chains and brakes were checked, or any other normal maintenance was conducted when you get on a bike from a sharing program. If the tire pops, the chain brakes fail, or the brakes fail, a bike that has not been properly maintained may cause an accident.

Bike sharing schemes may also inspire novice riders to get on their bikes when they may not otherwise. These inexperienced riders may not only be terrible at riding bikes, but they’re also unlikely to grasp the laws of the road, such as how to properly yield, signal turns, and even negotiate turns safely. Failure to learn how to ride a bike safely and share the road with vehicles and pedestrians can result in crashes with cars, pedestrians, and even items on the street or sidewalks.

Finally, bike-sharing services do not include safety equipment like helmets. Failure to wear a helmet while riding a bike may be a violation of local law depending on where you reside and your age. Furthermore, if you do not wear a helmet when riding a bike, you may get significant injuries if you are involved in an accident. If you want to use a bike from a bike sharing program, you should carry your own helmet to decrease the risk of traumatic brain damage and other significant medical problems if you crash.

The Bottom Line

Bike sharing systems offer a lot of advantages, and their influence on a community should not be overlooked. However, they come with substantial safety concerns that all users should be aware of prior to using a bike sharing program.

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