Discover 7 of the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in California

Motorcycle accidents are much too common and much too deadly. Keep reading to find out seven of the most common causes of these accidents in California. If you have been the victim of any of these poor behaviors and have suffered damages as a result, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.

  1. Speeding
  2. Speed limits are there for a reason – to keep drivers safe. Car speeding and motorcycle speeding are both strong contributors to motorcycle accidents in California.

  3. Changing Lanes
  4. Of course, if a person needs to change lanes then they need to change lanes – but they need to first verify that no one is in the lane next to them. Motorcycles can easily be in a car’s blind spot and if the driver does not specifically check said blind spot, they could cause a deadly collision with a motorcycle.

  5. Dooring
  6. This is most common on busy city streets with cars parked horizontally. If a driver opens their car door before checking for bikes, pedestrians, motorcyclists, or cars, a serious accident can occur.

  7. Drunk Driving
  8. Drunk driving happens in every state in the country and there is no excuse for it – especially with the increase in rideshare options. In fact, studies show that about 10,000 people lose their lives every year due to drunk driving accidents. Imagine how much the families of those lost wish the driver would have simply called an Uber.

  9. Tailgating
  10. When a car driver is too close to a motorcycle, they are essentially asking for a serious accident. The car is much larger than the motorcycle and if they were to strike it from behind, the biker could easily suffer catastrophic injuries.

  11. Left Turns
  12. It is common for a motorist who is turning left to not realize how much distance there is between them and an oncoming motorcyclist. This can lead to a left-turn accident. These accidents can also occur when a driver does not see the motorcycle or does not yield the right of way to said motorcyclist.

  13. Defects in the Motorcycle
  14. If a motorcycle is poorly designed, poorly manufactured, or poorly maintained, it can lead to accidents. If a motorcycle was “repaired” but the repair was done poorly, then it can lead to accidents. These issues could all be grounds for personal injury lawsuits.

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