Did You Know: There Are Common Times When Drunk Driving is More Likely to Occur

Drunk driving is never wise. It is involved in nearly half of all fatal car accidents in California and throughout the country. It is true that the most important thing you can do to prevent being involved in a drunk driving accident is to not drive while drunk. However, you might also be able to stay safer if you know when these accidents are more likely to occur and then avoid driving during those times.

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The Three Hours During Which the Highest Percentage of Drunk Drivers Are on the Road

Most people are not surprised to learn that the hours during which there is the highest percentage of drunk drivers on the road are midnight to 3 am. It is true that these three hours – the hours around which bars close and drinkers are more likely to be traveling home – have the highest percentage of fatal drunk driving accidents.

One Age Group is Much More Likely to Be Intoxicated During Fatal Accidents

To better understand the hours during which it is more dangerous to be on the road, know that 35% of drivers between the age of 21 and 24 who are involved in fatal car accidents were impaired by alcohol. This is the highest of all the age groups. As a result, you can think about when these drivers are most likely to be on the road to know when the roads are more likely to be dangerous.

Drivers of Certain Vehicles Are More Likely to Be Drunk

As far as vehicles go, motorcycle riders have the highest rate of alcohol impairment in fatal accident – 29%. Large-truck drivers, on the other hand, had the lowest rates of alcohol impairment when involved in fatal accidents, with just 2%.

When a person is driving a passenger vehicle and is involved in a fatal accident, there is a 23% chance they will be intoxicated. As in previous studies, pickup drivers have the highest percentage of alcohol impairment of all passenger vehicles, with 27%, while van drivers continue to have lower percentages than other drivers, at 12%.

Fatal Alcohol-Involved Accidents Are four Times as Common at Night

While the hours of midnight to three A.M. are the most dangerous in terms of being involved in an accident with a drunk driver, it is much more likely that a fatal accident involves alcohol if the accident occurs at night rather than during the day.

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