Could a New Type of Technology Solve the Problems Caused by Distracted Driving?

There have been plenty of studies and oodles of research that show that technology can increase the chance of car accidents caused by distracted driving. California agencies and agencies across the country have been working on ways to pass laws that will prevent these accidents – especially the rising number of fatal car accidents. However, one company believes that the answer to these accidents caused by technology is not new laws – it is new technology.

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Grove could be the technology that makes all the difference

One of the hottest technologies right now is that which makes distracted driving less likely. One example that many are looking to is called Grove. It is available to be installed in vehicles and when it is installed, the driver plugs their phone into the device upon getting into the car. That device is connected to the cloud and will let the mobile provider know that their phone is in use. Then all social media updates, texts, emails, and other notifications are blocked by the phone provider until the phone is unplugged from the Grove device.

The inventor of the program hopes that it can help to save lives and reduce car accidents. It is also important to note that while Grove is designed to be used with any provider, some of the main phone providers already have their own similar apps available. One of the most widely known is Verizon’s Safely Go, which prevents calls and texts while the driver is moving. There is also Drivemode by AT&T and Driver First by Sprint.

Would this technology really make a difference?

If you are wondering if people would even utilize this type of technology, you are not alone. This is why the National Safety council surveyed 2,400 drivers to find out if they would use or remove anti-distraction technologies if they were pre-installed in their cars or phones. 55% said that they would leave the devices or cars as-is and let them run. 23% said that they would deactivate the technology. Around 25% said they were not sure.

The survey asked about technologies that alert people calling or texting a driver that the person is driving. These technologies are available with many phones as-is but generally must be downloaded. The key, according to researchers, is the 55% who said they would leave an app installed and active if it was already there. No word on how many of those people would otherwise take the time to add an app to do it.

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