Common Signs That a Senior Citizen Might Not Be Driving as Safely as They Once Were

For a senior adult, giving up driving may be a significant loss of freedom. However, there are occasions when this is a required precaution due to health problems. Here are five indicators that a senior’s health is deteriorating to the point where driving is dangerous owing to the increased chance of causing a car accident.

Changes in Eyesight

Having good vision is obviously critical for driving safely. Vision changes are an unfortunate aspect of growing older. Seniors must be cautious in their response to eyesight changes. Some changes, such as deteriorating distance vision, can be addressed with a new prescription for glasses. Other changes, like as dim or fuzzy vision, might be a sign of glaucoma or cataracts. To minimize impairment to peripheral vision, it’s extremely vital to get glaucoma treated.

Physical Fitness Changes

Driving necessitates a high level of mobility and strength, as well as quick reflexes. To avoid rear-end collisions, for example, drivers must be able to swiftly use the brakes. A stroke is an extreme example of a condition that can impair physical fitness to the point where driving becomes dangerous. In many situations, however, the impairment is mild, and drivers may not realize their reflexes and response time have deteriorated until after an accident or near-miss.


Pain may be highly distracting, and it can also impede mobility. Arthritis, for example, might prevent seniors from completely rotating their heads, making it difficult to glance over their shoulder when backing up or to see both ways at a crosswalk. Arthritis can also make it difficult to hold the steering wheel securely, causing a delay in turning response time.


Drowsiness is a common adverse effect of several medicines. Multiple medication interactions might likewise be a source of worry. Seniors should talk to their physicians about their prescription and over-the-counter drugs to ensure they are aware of any potential side effects that might affect their driving ability.

Memory Issues

Having trouble remembering things while driving might be dangerous. Seniors with early Alzheimer’s disease may be caught off guard when they can’t recall how to go somewhere. They could grow agitated and have an accident as a result. It’s also possible to forget the speed restriction.

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