Premises liability centers on the legal liability of a property owner for injuries sustained on the property. Although there are countless ways in which a person may be injured on another person’s property, there are some types of premises liability claims that are most common.

Slip and fall claims represent the majority of premises liability suits, and they may result from a variety of different scenarios. A strict slip and fall results when people lose traction on a slippery walkway, causing them to fall. A trip and fall is when a person stumbles over an object while in midstride. A step and fall accident happens when a person’s foot falls farther than expected when taking a step, often because the walking surface gives way or there is an unexpected hole in the walkway surface. A stump and fall is when the foot stops quickly, causing a fall. Unlike a trip and fall, stump and falls happen as a result of a walkway surface defect or unreasonably sticky flooring.

Other types of premises liability include overhead hazards. These are a lot like slip and fall accidents, but upside down. People can hit their heads on low-hanging objects, be struck by overhead structures giving way or can strike their heads due to poor lighting conditions.

Another common type of premises liability has to do with dog ownership. Dog owners who fail to properly secure their dogs or do not notify visitors about the potential dangers presented by an animal can find themselves subject to premises liability lawsuits. Owners looking to avoid this type of liability can do so by posting signs warning visitors about any threat their dog may present to visitors.

If you have further questions about premises liability law, contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.