With all the freeway closures this summer, it's impossible not to remember last year's "Carmageddon". Carmageddon II is coming.

With all the freeway closures this summer, it’s impossible not to remember last year’s “Carmageddon”, which shut down Interstate 405 through the Sepulveda Pass between the 10 and the 101 during the demolishing of the Mullholland Bridge. The same 10 mile stretch of road will be closed Friday, September 28th through Sunday, September 30th to demolish the rest of the Mullholland Bridge, leading to Carmageddon II.

The original Carmageddon saw little in the way of the dramatically predicted traffic problems. Los Angeles drivers wisely heeded the warnings of officials to stay off the roads, and the 405 even reopened earlier than expected. This time around could be different, especially if drivers expect similar results. The northern part of the Mullholland Bridge scheduled to be demolished in September will take twice as much work to complete. The length of the freeway closure is expected to be the same.

While Carmageddon II is still a few weeks away, The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker would like to advise everyone to follow the advice provided by the City of Los Angeles and the Metro: Try to stay away from the 405 anywhere near the Sepulveda Pass the last weekend in September. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa illustrates the difficulties Metro faces in complacency.

“Last year, we proved that Angelenos far and wide could rise to the occasion and cooperate with authorities to turn Carmageddon into ‘Carmaheaven’ free of apocalyptic traffic congestion. It was truly one of L.A.’s finest moments. We are again calling on the public to do its civic duty. Do not become complacent. Rather, let’s join together to enjoy another car-light or car-free weekend with family and friends Let’s all help get this critical job done safely and without incident.”

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