Car Accidents and Rental Cars: Are You Entitled to a Free Rental Car?

For many people, one of the worst things about being involved in a car accident is living without a car while the claim is settled. Having access to a rental car makes it easier to see the doctor, go to work, take care of kids, and other ongoing normal activities. Many people do not realize that they are actually entitled to a free rental car after their accident.

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You may have rental coverage under your insurance policy

If you have rental coverage, then a rep from your insurance company should help you rent a vehicle within a day or two of making the claim. If you are not sure if you have this coverage, call your insurance company and ask them. You cannot simply add the coverage after an accident and get it covered right away.

You may have access to a rental car if another party was at fault for the accident

In the event there was someone else at fault for your accident, then their insurance company is the one that should be setting up the rental car. If the insurance company agrees that their insured was at fault for the accident then you should get it within a few days. However, if they dispute fault then it could take a week or even longer.

The insurance company has options

The insurance company of that at-fault party is not required to provide you with a rental car but they must do one of the following:

  • Pay for the rental car so you have no out of pocket expenses at all.
  • Force you to pay for the rental car upfront and then reimburse you. Due to the fact that rental cars can cost as much as $100 (or more) per day, this can be expensive.
  • Pay a “loss per day” amount as part of your settlement. You can then use the money to rent a car or any other way you choose.

Every company is different but it is always worth asking about rental car coverage after you have been in an accident.

Let an attorney handle the tough negotiations for you

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