Can You Guess: Which County in California Has the Most Car Accidents?

No one wants to suffer injuries in a car accident, but unfortunately, it happens daily in California. As you consider serious car accidents, can you guess which counties have the highest number of accidents? Keep reading for stats, and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you require a free legal consultation.

The State as a Whole

First, let us consider statistics on the state as a whole. For the year 2017, the most recent year for which we have complete data, there were just over 3,900 lives lost in car accidents, 277,160 injuries, 3,582 fatal car accidents, and 193,564 crashes involving injury. The death rate for the state as a whole was 1.13 mileage death rate.

Car Accidents in Los Angeles County

In 2017, Los Angeles County saw 715 fatal car accidents and 62,527 accidents involving injury. There were 93,582 accidents involving property damage. Of the 715 fatal accidents, 205 involved alcohol, and 4,749 of the injury-involved accidents involved alcohol. The county also saw 274 fatal pedestrian accidents and 5,467 pedestrian accidents that resulted in injury.

Car Accidents in Orange County

There were 197 fatal car accidents in Orange County in 2017 and another 15,173 accidents that caused injury. There were 19,890 accidents that resulted in property damage. Of the fatal car accidents, 62 of them involved a drunk driver, and 1,287 of the accidents that involved property damage had alcohol as one cause. There were 60 fatal pedestrian accidents and 983 pedestrian accidents that caused injury.

Car Accidents in Ventura County

There were 48 accidents in Ventura County in 2017 that involved fatalities, and just shy of 4,000 accidents that caused injury. Add to that 5,325 accidents that caused property damage. Alcohol was an issue in this county too: 23 of the 48 fatal accidents involved alcohol and 376 of the property-damage accidents involved alcohol. Six pedestrians lost their lives and another 244 were injured in pedestrian accidents in Ventura County.

Car Accidents in Riverside County

There were more than 10,000 injury-involved car accidents in Riverside County in 2017, and another 283 that involved a fatality. More than 16,000 car accidents involved property damage. One hundred eight of the fatal car accidents involved one or more drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and 1,139 of the property-damage accidents involved alcohol. There were 73 lost lives in pedestrian accidents and 471 pedestrian injuries.

Car Accidents in San Bernardino County

The accident statistics for 2017 in San Bernardino were as follows: 308 fatalities, 10,020 injuries, and 18,335 accidents involving property damage. More than one in three of the fatal car accidents involved alcohol and about one in ten injury-related accidents involved alcohol. There were 295 pedestrian accidents and ten of them were fatal.

Car Accidents in Kern County

One hundred sixty-nine people lost their lives in Kern County car accidents in 2017 and there were 3,626 accidents involving injury, along with 6,779 that caused property damage. Fifty of the people who died were in alcohol-involved accidents, as were 431 of those injured. Forty-two people died in pedestrian accidents and 185 were injured in them.