Can You Guess Which 5 Industries Lead in Workers’ Compensation Claims?

In an industry that deals with workers’ compensation claims, we are happy to report that there is some good news: Rates of illness and injury on the job have fallen every year for the last 13 years. This is according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, it isn’t all good news – many industries still have high rates of injury. Read on to learn about the five jobs with the highest number of workers’ compensation claims and then reach out to The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you have a claim to file.

  1. Nursing care / residential care facilities
  2. People who work in nursing or residential care facilities are more likely to get injured than people in any other job category. Consider that in the private sector the rate of injury is about 6.5 injuries per 100 workers. That is already high but consider that in facilities run and overseen by the government, the injury rate is an appalling 11.7 per 100 workers. When you average these two sectors, this industry has by far the highest rate of injuries.

  3. Animal production facilities
  4. People who work to raise and feed animals that are designated for slaughter have the second-highest rate of injuries among all industries. They have an average of 6.6 injuries per 100 workers. While this is significantly lower than nurses in government facilities, and just barely higher than nurses in the private sector, it is still higher than almost every other industry in the country.

  5. Professional messengers
  6. Couriers, bike messengers, and others who deliver messages for a living have 6.4 injuries for every 100 workers. This is a relatively small industry but it is one of the most dangerous. This is likely because there is so much short-distance driving, which is type of driving with the most auto accidents.

  7. Those working in the wood production industry
  8. Those who work in plants and factories that deal with wood products that began as logs have an injury rate of 5.9 for every 100 workers. Once again, this is a relatively small industry but there are many different jobs within in.

  9. Air transportation employees
  10. The people included in the industry of air transportation employees include pilots, aircraft mechanics, and those who work in freight, cargo, and other supporting positions. Nearly identical to the stats of those in the wood production industry, there are 5.8 injuries for every 100 workers in air transportation.

These are not the only careers that can lead to on-the-job injuries. Any job, whether it’s a particularly physical job or not, has the potential to injure an employee. When this happens, that employee should get the compensation they deserve. If you are in this potion and you do not believe that you are getting what you deserve then we urge you to contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.