California Residents Do Not Have to Accept Dangerous Intersections: Learn What Can Be Done

As California residents, we often simply get used to the fact that there are more car accidents in this state than in almost any other state. We even begin to accept that certain intersections are just more dangerous than others. It does not have to be that way. Keep reading to learn how dangerous intersections can be made safer and we could significantly reduce serious injuries in accidents.

Three-Way Lights Can Make a Big Difference

Many accidents happen at two-way lights. Three-way or four-way lights can make a big difference. Not only do they help reduce car accidents but they reduce the number of pedestrian and bike accidents too. The right lights will depend on the specifics of the location, but if accidents continue to occur at intersections with only a two-way stop, it is worth considering if a change could help.

Speed Humps Can Slow Down Traffic

Pedestrian accidents can be reduced when speed humps are introduced. This is according to a study from a non-profit, unbiased group in Florida. Speed humps are affordable and work by forcing drivers to slow down to 15 – 20 miles per hour or suffer an uncomfortable ride over the speed humps.

Pedestrians Can Stay Safer with Countdown Pedestrian Signals

There are a number of ways that countdown pedestrian signals can help everyone on the road. First, it allows pedestrians to know exactly how much time they have left before they go. This makes it less likely that they will begin to cross just a few seconds before the light turns green. Second, it helps drivers because they also have an idea of how much time remains before the light turns green. This gives them extra time to survey the scene and be sure the coast is clear before driving.

Law Enforcement Can Enforce the Speed Limit

Lowering speed limits can help reduce traffic accidents and death but only if the speed limit is enforced. Too often, communities first step is to lower the limit but if they do not also get more officers on the road enforcing, then this step is pointless. Before lowering the speed limit on busy roads, enforcement should be attempted. If it remains a dangerous intersection, then it may be time to lower the speed limit.

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