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How Not to Fall Prey to Common Myths About Auto Insurance Companies

A vehicle collision is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most individuals. While this is a positive thing, it might put you at a significant disadvantage when dealing with your insurance provider. Every day, your insurer deals with accidents, and you may have little or no experience with insurance claims. Understanding some of the most prevalent auto…
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A Compelling Case to Always Wear a Helmet When Riding Your Motorcycle

The excitement of the open road is one of the few things that all motorcycle aficionados love. Except for that final bit, everything sounds wonderful: winding roads, beautiful weather, the wind in your hair. You are putting yourself in danger if you ride a motorbike without a helmet, since you might suffer catastrophic brain damage…
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How to Protect Yourself from an Accident as a Pedestrian in California

Every year in the United States, hundreds of thousands of pedestrians are injured by a car. In 2019, at least 150,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency rooms, according to statistics. Driving more cautiously and pedestrians following the "laws of the sidewalk" might help to bring this figure down even more. Is it true that pedestrians…
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