Beware of Spray Sunscreen Injuries this Summer

Aerosol sunscreens have been linked to burn injuries, but are they defective products?

Sunscreen is designed to protect us from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can otherwise cause premature skin damage, sunburns, and even skin cancer. However, in some rare cases, sunscreen can actually cause injuries.

For example, this past May there was a report of Banana Boat aerosol Broad Spectrum SPF 50 kid’s sunscreen causing second-degree burns on a toddler’s skin. When the little girl was taken to the doctor, the diagnosis was a suspected allergic reaction to the sunscreen. This was the third complaint about Banana Boat spray sunscreen causing second-degree burns or blisters in toddlers in Canada this year.

Banana Boat spray sunscreens have also been linked to burn injuries in the US. In fact, 23 varieties of Banana Boat aerosol sunscreens have been recalled in the US following reports of sunscreen catching fire on users’ skin. The recall includes products like UltraMist Kids, UltraMist Sport, and UltraMist UltraDefense.

How to Stay Safe in the Sun

The best way to protect yourself and your kids from the dangers of UV rays is simply to keep sun off your skin as much as possible. Be especially careful to avoid exposure during the hours of peak sun, which is generally considered 10 am to 2 pm. UV rays are at their strongest and most damaging during this time. When you do go out in the sun, try to stay covered up with protective clothing, sunglasses, and a wide brimmed hat. If you are worried about the risks of aerosol sunscreen, mineral-based products may be a good alternative. Babies under 7 months old should not wear sunscreen at all, and if your child has sensitive skin it would be wise to use sunscreen with caution if at all. Start by applying the product to a small area to limit the scope of any burn injuries that may occur.

Report Sunscreen Injuries

If you suspect you have been injured by sunscreen, it is very important to report the incident. Consumer reports help to identify potentially dangerous or defective products, get them removed from the market when appropriate, and help create evidence for defective product lawsuits.

Can You Sue for Sunscreen Injuries?

Just because you have been injured after using a product does not automatically mean the manufacturer is responsible. Manufacturers are only liable when it turns out that a product is not reasonably safe when used for its intended purpose. This could occur due to defects in the design or manufacturing of the product, or due to inadequate safety warnings.

In the case of burn injuries caused by sunscreen, further research will be needed to establish exactly how and why the product caused a burn, and whether this could be considered a defect in the product.

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