Taking basic safety precautions can help you stay safe heading into 2017.

Be Careful With Fireworks This New Year’s Eve

Each year, hundreds of Americans are injured and killed in fireworks accidents. These injuries can range from serious burns to broken bones and worse.  While fireworks are typically associated with the Fourth of July, they’re also fairly common on holidays like New Year’s Eve. Sometimes fireworks accidents happen because the fireworks themselves are defective in some way.  But many other accidents involving fireworks are not due to defective products, but to the user taking unnecessary risks, being drunk, or simply not paying attention.

Who Is Responsible for Fireworks Accidents?

Whenever a person is injured or killed by fireworks, there are many different parties that can be held responsible.  This may include the homeowner who is hosting the party where the fireworks were set off, the fireworks manufacturer, the company that is setting off the fireworks, or even the city that hired the company. If you have  injured by fireworks, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible to explore options for a lawsuit. 

How to Use Fireworks Safely

If you plan to set off fireworks this New Year’s Eve or attend a fireworks display, taking a few basic precautions can make the difference between having a great night or suffering serious injuries.

First, only buy fireworks that are approved for consumer use.  If they’re wrapped only in brown paper — not in colorful paper with instructions — then they’re probably meant for professional use only.  Avoid this, and buy only the ones that are meant for at-home use. Next, be sure to obey all state and local rules regarding fireworks.  This is particularly true if you live in a dry area of California or Arizona, where setting off fireworks could lead to fires.

Once you have selected the appropriate fireworks and made sure that you’re following the law, be sure to have plenty of water nearby, such as buckets filled with water or a garden hose ready to go.  Never let kids play with fireworks, and closely supervise them with even “safe” fireworks such as sparklers.  Even though sparklers may seem innocent, they can burn at extremely high temperatures — making them a prime way for kids to get serious burns.

Read and follow the instructions for using the fireworks very carefully.  Never modify the fireworks or attempt to experiment with homemade fireworks. Do not light them near homes, dry trees or bushes, or other fireworks, and only light one firework at a time.   Light fireworks from a safe distance, and do not hover over them after they’re lit.  Step or run away quickly after lighting fireworks; the farther away that you can get from a lit firework, the better! Never throw a firework, especially at another person, or light a firework inside of a container (which could explode, sending shards flying.  Finally, don’t try to relight any fireworks that did not go off; they are likely defective, and attempting to re-light them could be dangerous.

If you are attending a fireworks display, be aware of the safety risks.  Be sure to stay far back from where the fireworks are being lit, and obey all rules and regulations.  Using common sense can keep both you and your loved ones safe this holiday season!

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