Ask an Uber Accident Attorney in Long Beach CA: Why Are These Cases So Complicated?

Car accidents that aren’t difficult are common, although some are more complicated than others. Uber passenger collisions are, on average, more complicated than other types of collisions — but why? Continue reading to see why this is so. Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation with an Uber accident attorney in Long Beach CA if you have been in one of these or another kind of vehicle accidents.

Uber isn’t the same as a taxi service

To begin with, Uber is a ridesharing service, not a taxi service. It may resemble a taxi service in certain aspects, but it differs significantly in others. Instead of contacting a firm that would then dispatch a cab to you, Uber is meant to connect you directly to a person who will drive you to your location in their own car.

It operates in a straightforward manner. To request a ride, you utilize the app. The request will be seen by any driver who has listed themselves as available and is within a certain radius. One of those drivers takes the trip and then comes to pick you up. You pay using the app and then tip (or don’t tip) with the app. This service is so simple to use that it has swiftly accumulated tens of thousands of daily users.

Uber vs. Taxis: What’s the Difference?

Uber may appear to be a taxi service after reading the description, however there are significant distinctions. First, unlike taxi drivers, Uber drivers are private persons who do not need to go through special training or get a license. They aren’t employees, for starters. This means that if an Uber driver creates an issue, Uber’s liability or culpability is restricted.

An Uber driver drives their own vehicle. Although a few cab drivers own and operate their own vehicles, the majority rely on company-owned vehicles. A corporate-owned automobile is insured by the company’s insurance carrier, which covers passengers and third-parties (such as pedestrians).

True, each Uber driver is covered by at least $1 million in accident insurance. They are, however, well-known for dismissing accident claims. They might use a variety of justifications, such as claiming that you or the Uber driver did not follow protocol while starting the journey.

If Uber disputes that the claim is covered by their insurance, you’ll have to rely on the Uber driver’s personal insurance, which usually won’t cover any accidents that occurred while the car was being utilized for business reasons. Of course, the easiest option in this case is to let an Uber accident attorney in Long Beach CA handle the case.

Contact an Uber accident attorney in Long Beach CA today

You can see how difficult these instances may be now. The good news is that having the appropriate Uber accident attorney in Long Beach CA on your side may make the process go lot more smoothly. We at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker have a lot of experience helping people with instances like these. For a no-obligation legal consultation, call 800-333-0000.