Ask a Personal Injury Attorney: Are Bikeshare Programs Safe or Do They Increase Bike Accidents in California? In California and across the country, bikeshare systems have grown in popularity. Many people, however, hold misconceptions about these programs that are simply untrue. Bikeshare programs, when used correctly, can help cut pollution, reduce congestion on California’s roads and highways, and enhance fitness.

That said, they also have the potential to increase the amount of bike accidents, automobile accidents, and pedestrian accidents if they are not used properly.

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Myth: Bikeshares are only used by cyclists

This is not the case. In fact, the majority of cyclists possess their own bicycle. Bikeshares are a wonderful option for people who don’t have enough space to store a bike, can’t afford to buy one, or aren’t sure if they’ll use it enough to justify the investment.

Myth: Bikeshares are only used by tourists

Many individuals believe that bikeshares are solely utilized for tourism. Many larger cities with effective bikeshares, on the other hand, indicate that the majority of their customers are frequent riders who utilize the bikeshare to go to and from work, run errands, or visit entertainment venues. While they are unquestionably a fantastic choice for travelers, they can be useful to a wide range of people.

Myth: Bikeshares are detrimental to public transportation

Some people are concerned that when a town invests in bikeshares, money that could otherwise be put in public transportation is diverted. The most popular bikeshare stations in larger cities, on the other hand, are always near busy public transportation stops. This indicates that they are most likely utilized as a supplement to public transit rather than as a replacement.

Myth: Bikesharing is dangerous

It may appear that bikeshares are risky because the majority of riders are not regular cyclists. The data, on the other hand, contradicts this. For example, in their first year, Boston’s major bikeshare program had fewer bike crashes than the cycling community. Why? People that use bikeshares may be more cautious because they are new to the system or because they do not drive as fast. Whatever the reason, it is apparent that they do not contribute to the safety of the streets.

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