Are You Doing Everything You Can to Protect Your Home from Fire?

No one in the state of California wants to see or hear the word “fire” yet it’s something that we must be aware of even during low-fire season. Now is the time to take steps that can prevent not only a wildfire from taking your home but a house fire that could cause burn injuries and even death. Keep reading for ideas on steps that can help protect a home from fire.

Create a Space that is Defensible

This is the simplest way to put it: You want your home to be defensible. The wildfire mitigation specialists consider a defensible space to have a circumference of 30 to 100 feet around your home. This is the area in which all potential wildfire fuel should be removed or significantly reduced. This may require you to thin or remove trees and other vegetation that could help a fire jump to your home.

Invest in Fire-Resistant Plants

If your property has dry and/or dead vegetation then you are at risk. Remove the plants and then plant options that are fire-resistant. For example, a succulent plant is more resistant to a fire than a non-succulent plant. Consider options like stonecrop or agave. Pineapple guava, evergreen, red yucca shrubs, and other unique options are a great idea too.

Install Fire Sprinklers on Your Roof

One of the best things you can do to prevent your entire house from going up in flames is to prevent the roof from catching fire. The easiest way to do that is to install roof-mounted fire sprinklers. They can help prevent the fire from spreading from another home to yours, or from part of your roof to another area of your home. They are attached to an entirely independent water system so they work even when municipal energy and water sources are affected.

Have a Plan

Ideally you would prevent a fire from happening on your property but you cannot prevent 100% of fires. Have a plan with your family so that if a fire does happen, you know how to get out of the property. For example, your likely method will be to drive away from your home – but does your home’s garage door work on power supplied by your home? If so, and the power is out, you may find yourself stranded. A backup battery can prevent this issue but it is potential problems like this that showcase why you should have a strong plan in place.

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