Are Other States Seeing the Same Increase in Fatal Pedestrian Accidents as California?It is not news that pedestrian accidents are on the rise in California but what about the rest of the country? We have talked about why these accidents are increasing and we have talked about how they coincide with a rise in car accidents in general but today we will discuss how the same issues are affecting the rest of the country.

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The cause of this increase is not a surprise: Distracted driving

As we have said in the past, there seems to be a clear reason for this increase: Driver’s distractions. One would think that with advanced safety features, cars are safer than ever before and fatal car accidents would be on the decline. This is not the case and experts mostly agree that driver distraction is to blame. Note that the rise in pedestrian deaths is largely attributed to driver distraction as well as pedestrian distraction.

A study out of Detroit is making people take notice

A recent article in Detroit’s local paper has shown that pedestrian deaths have been growing startling in the last decade. They looked at the years between 2009 and 2016 and found that pedestrian deaths went up by nearly 50%. In that same period of time, car accident fatalities when up more than 10%. They also looked at stats from that same period of time to discover that cellphone usage when up by more than 230%. When consider together, this is not surprising.

Cell phones are not the only culprit

While cellphones often get the blame – and for good reason – they are not the only cause of the increases. Part of the issue is that cars have so much more technology in them. With infotainment, new technology screens, and other technology, drivers are likely to take their hands from the wheel for long than they used to when just changing a radio channel, and they are more likely to take their eyes from the road more often and for longer.

Pedestrians are sometimes at fault

It is also important to note that drivers are not the only at-fault parties – pedestrians are also more likely to be looking at their phones or talking on their phones. These can lead to accidents when pedestrians walk into the street or do not notice that a car is approaching.

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