An Expert Witness Could Make a Huge Difference in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are involved in a personal injury case that ends up at trial, then you may soon find out that having the right expert witnesses could be a deciding factor for your case. They can mean the difference between having your case dismissed and winning it. The right expert witness has the knowledge needed to convince the judge and jury that you deserve the maximum compensation for your injury. The good news is that when you work with The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, you can be assured that we work with the most competent expert witnesses in the business.

Defining an expert witness

First, it’s important to understand exactly what an expert witness is. They are a person who has some combination of specialized training, experience, education, or knowledge about a specific subject. They come in to a case in order to offer their knowledge to back up a claim. They are helpful in cases where there aren’t any eyewitnesses. An expert can determine how an accident happened and how accidents happened. Using physical and computer models, experts can be essential in proving your case.

There are many types of expert witnesses

There are a number of expert witness types and the right one for your case will depend on the type of case you have. Some of the most common experts we may work with include:

  • Economists / Vocational experts. If you have missed time from work then we may hire an economist / vocational expert to show that you are entitled to wage loss. They can also help determine future lost wages.
  • Accident reconstructionist. If there is a disagreement about who caused an accident then we may bring in an expert reconstructionist to show how it happened. They can determine how fast a vehicle was traveling, which direction it was going in, where it was located, how fast it was, and how long it took to stop. This is particularly helpful in car accidents.
  • Healthcare experts. If we need to show the judge and jury about the costs of treating injuries, or we need to show that an injury is likely to be permanent and require future medical procedures, healthcare experts are the right witnesses.

These are just three examples of the most common types of expert witnesses. We can work with others if they are relevant to your particular case.

Find out how you can win your personal injury case in California

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