A Study Shows Senior Citizens Often Display These Signs Before Causing Car AccidentsGiving up driving may be a substantial loss of independence for an older citizen. However, in other cases, this is a necessary precaution due to health concerns. Here are five signs that a senior’s health is failing to the point where driving is dangerous due to a higher likelihood of an accident. Keep reading to learn what they are and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.

Changes in Eyesight

It goes without saying that having good vision is essential for driving safely. Vision changes are an unwelcome side effect of aging. Seniors must use caution while reacting to changes in their vision. A fresh prescription for glasses can correct some problems, such as decreasing distant vision. Other changes, like as blurry or dim vision, might indicate glaucoma or cataracts. It’s critical to get glaucoma treated if you want to keep your peripheral vision.

Changes in Physical Fitness

Driving requires a high degree of mobility, strength, and fast reflexes. Drivers must be able to quickly use the brakes to avoid rear-end incidents, for example. A stroke is an extreme example of an illness that can impair physical fitness to the point of making driving risky. In many cases, however, the impairment is minor, and drivers may not notice until after an accident or near-miss that their reflexes and response time have decreased.


Pain may be quite distracting, and it can also make it difficult to move about. Arthritis, for example, may make it difficult for seniors to fully rotate their heads, making it difficult to look back while backing up or to see both ways at a crossing. Arthritis can make it harder to maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel, producing a delay in turning response time.

Side Effects from Prescription Drugs

Drowsiness is a common adverse effect of several drugs. Multiple medication interactions might likewise be a source of worry. Seniors should discuss their prescription and over-the-counter medications with their doctors to ensure they are aware of any potential adverse effects that might impair their driving skills.

Memory Problems

It’s possible that having problems remembering things while driving is unsafe. When seniors with early Alzheimer’s disease can’t remember how to go someplace, they may be caught off surprise. They may become upset and, as a result, have an accident. It’s also feasible to overlook the speed limit.

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