A Recent Study Identifies the Five Most Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

It would be difficult to find someone who rides motorcycles who does not know that it is dangerous to do so. Most people also know that a person involved in a motorcycle accident is more likely to die or suffer serious injuries than the average person in a car accident. However, you may not know the five most common injuries caused by motorcycle accidents.

  1. Injuries to the Head and Neck
  2. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 22% of motorcycle accidents involve head and neck injuries. These injuries can be much more serious if the rider was not wearing a DOT-approved helmet at the time of the accident, and the quality of that accident has a big impact on how serious their injuries are likely to be. A head or neck injury could be relatively minor such as whiplash, or very severe such as a broken neck.

  3. Road Rash
  4. One of the most common non-fatal injuries a person can experience on a motorcycle is road rash. In almost all cases, how serious the road rash is will depend on how much safety gear the rider was wearing and the quality of that gear. Road rash is generally treatable but can require skin grafts to prevent permanent scarring.

  5. Back and Spinal Cord Injuries
  6. Back injuries are not necessarily serious and can include sprains, burns, and road rash. However, injuries to the spinal cord are almost always serious. They can result in broken bones, paralysis, and loss of sensation. These types of injuries can change a person’s life.

  7. Injuries to the Arms and Legs
  8. These injuries are often the result of the rider having been thrown from their motorcycle at the time of the accident. They then tried to brace themselves or catch themselves before they hit the ground. Instead, they injured their legs or arms. In fact, leg and arm injuries make up nearly one in three motorcycle accident injuries in the United States.

  9. Broken Bones
  10. Due to the lack of protection – even with safety gear – that a person on a motorcycle has, a rider is more likely to suffer a broken bone injury than a person who has the protection of a car. These injuries may be the result of hitting the motorcycle or hitting the road.

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