A Faster Car is a Car with a Higher Chance of Auto Accident

It is not uncommon for California drivers to speed. Some speed because they think it’s fun, others speed to get to their destination faster. Regardless of the reason for their choice to speed, it can have devastating results in the event of a car accident. Read on to find out why fast cars are more likely to get into accidents and why those accidents are more likely to involve catastrophic injuries or death.

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California speed limits

There is nowhere in California where the speed limit is more than 70 miles per hour. Depending on the location, this can be a reasonable speed as long as caution is taken into consideration. Unfortunately, people often take this is a guideline instead of a rule. Others may always travel 70 miles per hour on the highway, even if they are in a 55 mil per hour zone.

The faster the car is the harder it is to stop

One of the main reasons that cars driving faster are more dangerous is because it is harder for them to stop. This means that if they come across a car that is driving the speed limit or a hazard in the road, they will not be able to stop quickly.

The other unfortunate truth is that a driver who regularly speeds is also more likely to engage in other dangerous behaviors like weaving in and out of traffic. Not only are these behaviors dangerous on their own, but they are even more dangerous at high speeds.

A driver can lose control of a vehicle if they are driving too fast

If a driver goes an excessive speed, such as more than 100 miles per hour, then they risk losing control of their vehicle altogether. Even an experienced driver like the actor Paul Walker is no match for cars operated at unsafe speeds. Even a car that was designed for high speeds can see its steering wheel fail, tires blowout, engine fail, and brakes fail if it is driven too fast. When that driver loses control, no one on the road is safe.

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