New report identifies 6 measures that could prevent traffic accidents

6 Roadway Improvements That Could Save LivesDid you know that the United States is almost dead last among high-income nations when it comes to traffic safety? We have more traffic fatalities per capita than nearly all the other countries in this category.


Many experts blame our high traffic fatality rates on our aging, outdated infrastructure. They believe that by investing in improvements that have already been proven to prevent accidents, we can save lives.

Top 6 Roadway Improvements

According to a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, investing $146 billion in the following six roadway improvements could prevent 353,560 serious injuries and save 63,700 lives over a 20-year period:

  1. Replace key intersections with roundabouts: The report estimates that this measure alone would be responsible for 30 percent of the anticipated crash reduction that would be accomplished by the recommended improvements. As an added bonus, roundabouts can help improve traffic flow.
  2. Install roadside barriers and clear roadside objects: Roadside barriers can make drivers slow down and also help reduce the severity of accidents by preventing cars from falling off the road. This improvement would deliver 20 percent of the anticipated crash reduction.
  3. Add sidewalks and signalized pedestrian crossings: Keeping pedestrians safe is a big concern in urban areas. Adding sidewalks would help keep pedestrians out of the street, while adding signalized crosswalks would help prevent jaywalking and make pedestrians more noticeable to drivers. This measure would create about 20 percent of the anticipated crash reduction.
  4. Install barriers in the medians of divided highways: Crossing over into a lane of oncoming traffic can lead to head-on collisions. These are always dangerous, but especially at highway speeds. With barriers in the median, head-on collisions can be prevented. This would deliver about 14 percent of the anticipated crash reduction.
  5. Install rumble strips: Rumble strips in the center and at the shoulders of a road can be very helpful for keeping drivers in their own lanes. They can correct drivers who have veered out of their lanes due to distraction or drowsiness. This would account for about 9 percent of the anticipated crash reduction.
  6. Pave and widen shoulders: Bigger shoulders on the road can help prevent accidents in several ways. First of all, it makes it harder to accidentally run off the road. Secondly, it provides additional space for stalled vehicles to pull off the road, which keeps them from causing accidents. Experts estimate this would be responsible for about 3 percent of the anticipated crash reduction.

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