6 Reasons You May Have Been Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

The fact of the matter is that only about three out of every ten people who apply for Social Security Disability benefits are approved on their first application. If you have been denied benefits you believe you are owed, or if you have not yet applied and you want the help of a Social Security Disability attorney, The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker is here to help. Read on to learn about six of the most common reasons people are denied SSDI and then contact us at 800-333-0000 if you are in need of a free legal consultation.

  1. Your Wages Are Too High
  2. SSDI is designed for people who cannot make a full-time living without it. Therefore, if a person makes more than $1,220 each month, they are not going to be approved. Note that this does not refer to income from any investments you may have, as there is no guarantee that you will continue to earn money from those investments.

  3. You Failed to Prove Your Injuries
  4. You must have medical records that prove you are unable to work due to your disability. For this reason, make sure that you discuss with your doctor that you cannot work due to your injury so that it will be included in their reports.

  5. You Were Denied Benefits and Refiled
  6. It is common for a person who is denied Social Security Disability to assume that refiling is the best way to have their case considered again. This is not the right way. You will immediately be denied for the same reason you were initially denied. Instead, you should appeal the decision you were denied for. This is when you want to hire an attorney who can provide the best options for appealing your case.

  7. You Did Not Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment Suggestions
  8. If you did not follow the instructions your doctor gave you, then you are likely to get denied for benefits. Why? Because your doctor will have a hard time verifying that your injury prevented you from working if you did not take steps to get better.

  9. You Did Not Respond to Correspondence from the SSA
  10. If you moved and did not update your address, if you do not answer phone calls, or you have not responded to letters, then they may deny your claim on the basis of not getting the information they needed.

  11. You Wouldn’t Provide Access to Your Medical Records
  12. The SSA needs to be confident that you are truly injured and in need of help. If you will not give them access to your medical records then they may think that you are hiding something and they may lack the information they need to make an informed decision.

If you have been denied benefits, or you want to significantly reduce your chances of being denied when you apply the first time, it is best to work with a Social Security Disability attorney. Request a free consultation by calling The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000.