Learn about health issues that can increase the risk of an older driver having an accident.

5 Signs a Senior Citizen May Be at Risk for a Car AccidentGiving up driving can be a huge loss of independence for a senior citizen. However, sometimes health issues make this a necessary precaution. Here are 5 signs that a senior citizen’s health may be declining to the point where it is unsafe for them to drive due to the increased risk of causing an accident:

Vision Changes: Obviously, having clear vision is extremely important for driving safely. Unfortunately, vision changes are a common part of aging. Seniors need to be careful to respond quickly to vision changes. Some changes, like worsening distance vision, can be corrected with a new glasses prescription. Other changes, such as dull or blurry vision, may be linked to problems like glaucoma or cataracts. It is especially important to get glaucoma treated to avoid damage to peripheral vision.

Changes in Physical Fitness: Driving requires a good deal of mobility and strength, as well as sharp reflexes. For example, drivers need to be able to put their foot on the brake quickly to avoid rear-end accidents. A stroke is a dramatic example of a problem that could impair physical fitness to the point where it is unsafe to drive. However, in many cases the impairment is more subtle, and drivers may not even realize their reflexes and response time have declined until after they have an accident or a near-miss.

Pain: Pain can be very distracting as well as potentially limit mobility. For example, arthritis can keep seniors from turning their heads fully, which can make it difficult to look over their shoulder when backing up or look both ways at an intersection. Arthritis can also make it difficult to grip the steering wheel tightly, which can delay reaction time for making a turn.

Medications: Drowsiness is a side effect of many medications. Medication interactions from multiple drugs can also be a concern. Seniors need to discuss their prescription and over-the-counter medications with their doctors to make sure they are aware of any potential side effects that could impair their driving abilities.

Memory Problems: Difficulty remembering things can sometimes present hazards while driving. Seniors who have early Alzheimer’s may be taken by surprise when they cannot remember how to get where they are going. They could become flustered and end up getting into an accident. Forgetting the speed limit can also be a problem.

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