5 Facts About Pedestrian Accidents That May Surprise You

It is no surprise to anyone that pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries or death. However, we find that many people have misconceptions about other aspects of pedestrian accidents. Read on to learn more and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you are in need of a free legal consultation.

  1. Motor Vehicle Are Not Always Involved in Pedestrian Accidents
  2. Most people imagine a car hitting a person when they think of a pedestrian accident, but in some cases they involve broken sidewalks or other hazards that cause a person’s injury. In that case, it may be the fault of the local government for not maintaining the pavement.

  3. The Type of Vehicle Involved Makes a Big Difference
  4. According to statistics from government agencies, California not only has more pedestrian deaths than any state, and the rates of fatal pedestrian accidents are on the rise. The stats also show that the type of vehicle involved makes a big difference. About half of pedestrian deaths involve SUVs.

  5. Not All Pedestrian Accidents Happen at Intersections
  6. Yes, most pedestrian accidents happen at intersections – but not all of them. A pedestrian can be injured when they are walking through a park, down the sidewalk, or in a parking lot. They must always be attentive and pay attention to where they are walking and who is around them.

  7. Pedestrian Accidents Must Be Reported to the Police
  8. It is common for a person who is injured in a pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle to not realize they need to call the police. The truth is that if you are injured at all, you should call 911. If your property is damaged, you should call the non-emergency number. Not doing so can prevent you from being able to file a personal injury claim for your damages.

  9. You Do Not Want to Fight a Pedestrian Accident Case on Your Own
  10. In most cases, it is relatively simple to prove that the driver was at fault since pedestrians have the right away. However, the case is not that simple. Proving who was at fault is just half of the battle. The other half is showing what the damages were and what they were worth.

If you work directly with the insurance company of the at-fault party, you cannot count on them to offer a fair settlement. They may be nice, they may swear that they are covering everything, and they may even show you evidence that seems to show that they are paying as much as they are able to do so. Do not trust it.

The at-fault party’s insurance company has one goal and that goal is very different than yours: They want to reduce their costs. They do not want to pay out a cent more than they possible. On the other hand, a personal injury attorney working for you will have your needs in mind. Call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to request your free legal consultation.