4 Ways a Technical Expert Can Help with a Car Accident Injury Case

Learn about the benefits of having a technical expert consult on your car accident injury claim

In many car accident injury cases, liability is hotly contested. The at-fault party and the injured party may have very different versions of the events leading up to and including the accident. This is actually normal. Not only do car accidents happen in the blink of an eye; the stress and adrenalin of an accident can make it difficult for involved individuals to note their surrounding accurately and remember events in detail.

Fortunately, car accident injury cases do not have to be decided on the basis of the involved parties’ testimony alone. Technical experts can be called in to help analyze the evidence in the case and determine what really happened. From there, liability can be correctly assigned and the injured victim will then be positioned to recover compensation.

There are two main types of technical experts that would typically be called in on a car accident injury case. The first is an accident reconstructionist, who specializes in analyzing physical evidence to reconstruct the events that led to a particular car accident. The second is a medical expert, who can make sure the victim’s injuries are correctly diagnosed and testify as to how the impact of the accident caused those specific injuries.

Here are 4 key ways that these technical experts can help with a car accident injury case:

Locate the Point of Impact: After a car accident, safety concerns sometimes make it necessary to move the vehicles off the road before taking any photographs of the scene of the accident. This can lead to questions later on about who hit who. An accident reconstructionist can help by analyzing the damage on the vehicles to determine the point of impact, which will help show which driver was at fault.

Establish Vehicle Speeds: Driving faster than the speed limit is a common cause of accidents. By measuring tire skid marks and other types of evidence, an accident reconstructionist can prove how fast the vehicles were going and show if either party was speeding.

Establish a Driver’s Ability to React to Hazards: Obviously, drivers can’t avoid hazards they can’t see. If, for example, a pedestrian was hit crossing the street, the driver might argue that they couldn’t see the pedestrian because a parked car shielded them from view until the last second. An accident reconstructionist can recreate the scene of the accident to see whether or not this could be true.

Show How Injuries Occurred: Sometimes, the defense will try to argue that the victim isn’t as seriously injured as they say, or that their injuries were due to a pre-existing condition. A medical expert can help rebut these arguments by testifying as to exactly how the impact of the accident led to the injuries and symptoms that the victim is experiencing.

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