Your rapport with your personal injury attorney can affect the outcome of your case

4 Things You Need to be Comfortable Discussing with Your Attorney

When choosing an attorney to represent you after any kind of accident or injury, legal skill is obviously very important. Naturally you want an attorney who knows the law, understands the rules of civil procedure, and has had proven success in securing ample compensation for clients like you.

But legal skill isn’t everything. You also want an attorney who is caring, compassionate, a good communicator, and able to make you feel comfortable discussing the most intimate details of your accident, your injury, and your life. After all, the better your attorney understands what you are going through, the more effectively they can fight for your best interests.

Here are 4 important personal topics you need to be open and honest about with your attorney:

Your Medical History: Obviously, your attorney will need to review your medical records carefully in order to use them to prove that you suffered an injury and that you deserve compensation. However, what you may not realize is that providing the medical records related to your current injury may not be enough. Your attorney also needs to be aware of your past medical history. This is especially true in the case of pre-existing conditions and old injuries. Your attorney will need to consider these when framing your case for compensation, to prevent the defendant from using them as an excuse to deny your compensation.

Your Emotional State: A large portion of the damages in a personal injury case come from pain and suffering. In order to maximize these damages, your attorney needs to understand your mental and emotional state. You should not try to hide your suffering from your attorney; instead you need to be totally open. Your attorney can help you use tools like a personal injury diary to express and track your daily suffering.

Your Sex Life: If your injury has affected your ability to enjoy a healthy sex life with your partner, you can get compensation for this lifestyle change. So do not be afraid to discuss the matter with your attorney. You won’t have to go into explicit detail, but you will need to feel comfortable talking about it.

Your Finances: In order to seek compensation for lost wages and lost earning power, your attorney will need to see your past pay stubs and other records. You may also need to discuss financial matters with your attorney if you are struggling to make ends meet while your case progresses. Your attorney may recommend being more aggressive in trying to settle your case quickly, or they may suggest financing options that can help you stay afloat through trial.

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