Wrongful death settlement highlights the civil court’s ability to deliver justice

3 Million Settlement Reached in Philando Castile Wrongful Death Case
At the end of June, Philando Castile’s mother accepted a $2.995 million settlement for the wrongful death of her son. Philando Castile was killed by a police officer who fired seven rounds into him during a routine traffic stop, despite the fact that Castile cooperated and, to all appearances, “did everything right” in his interactions with the officer.

The Philando Castile case highlights a very important aspect of wrongful death cases, namely their ability to deliver a sense of justice when criminal proceedings have failed to do so.

This is possible because the burden of proof is much lower in civil court than in criminal court. Rather than requiring that guilt be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt,” civil cases only require the plaintiff to establish that the “preponderance of the evidence” supports their allegations. Generally, this is agreed to mean that they must prove that their allegations are more likely to be true than not true.

In the Philando Castile case, the officer who committed the shooting had already been acquitted of manslaughter in criminal court. However, by the lower standard of civil court, he would have almost certainly been found liable for wrongful death. This is exactly why the city was so eager to settle the wrongful death case out of court.

Settling out of court is also typically the most advantageous outcome for the victim’s family. It allows the family to receive the funds they need to cover burial and funeral expenses and daily living expenses faster, and it also removes them from the media spotlight sooner, without a protracted and potentially stressful legal battle.

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