3 Common Complications of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Suffering from a traumatic brain injury is one of the most serious injuries a person can live with. It can immediately affect their ability to speak, talk, walk, or even breathe. The good news is that there is better treatment for TBIs than ever before. The bad news is that in some cases, the long-term complications can be even worse than the immediate injury.

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  1. Cognitive Issues
  2. When a person suffers an injury to a part of their brain in which cognition takes place, then it stands to reason that there can be serious cognitive issues. This can include reduced memory, trouble with learning, reduced reasoning, and issues with communication. A person with this type of complication can have trouble understanding speech, issues with speaking, and difficulties reading or understanding the written word.

  3. Behavioral Issues
  4. It is not uncommon for a person who has suffered a brain injury to act differently than they did before they were injured. They may have issues with self-control. They may not have awareness of how appropriate their behavior is. They may take part in risky behavior they did not take part in before. It is also common for a person with a TBI to have very fast mood swings, to have depression, to be angry, and to be prone to anxiety.

  5. Physical Issues
  6. The brain is in charge of many bodily processes. As a result, a TBI victim can go through many different physical symptoms. They may have nerve damage that affects their eyes or facial muscles. They may have issues with their senses, such as an inability to taste, or a constant ringing in their ears. Some TBI victims have blurry vision and / or trouble keeping their balance.

Call an Experienced Attorney if You Have Suffered a TBI

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