5 mistakes to avoid if you want to receive full and fair compensation for bicycle accident injuries

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make in a Bicycle Accident Injury Case

Bicycle accidents have the potential to result in serious injuries, such as head injuries, back and neck injuries, fractures, lacerations, and internal injuries. You will need compensation to help pay your medical bills and make up for any time your injuries kept you out of work.

Unfortunately, if you make any of the following mistakes in the handling of your case, you could end up missing out on some or all of the compensation you need and deserve.

Mistakes to Avoid After a Bicycle Accident

  1. Lying. You need to be totally honest about everything related to your bicycle accident. If you are caught in a lie—even if it is about something seemingly unimportant—everything you have said about your accident will be called into question. It is better to admit you don’t know or are unsure of some information rather than risk making a misstatement.
  2. Signing a release without reading it. It’s never a good idea to sign any kind of document without reading it fully. You might be inadvertently admitting fault for the accident, giving up your right to privacy, or signing away some or all of the compensation you deserve.
  3. Failing to document your injuries. The more documentation you have on your injuries and suffering, the more difficult it will be for the at-fault party to unfairly deny or limit your compensation. You will definitely want to see a doctor promptly so your injuries can be diagnosed and linked to the bicycle accident. You should also take pictures of any visible injuries and keep a personal injury diary to document how your injuries and symptoms are affecting your quality of life on a daily basis.
  4. Posting on social media. Friends and family are naturally going to be concerned about you after hearing you have been seriously hurt in a bicycle accident. They may reach out to your on social media to see how you’re doing. You need to be very wary of saying anything about your accident or your injuries on social media, since these statements could be used against you later on. You should also avoid posting anything that makes it seem like you are healthier and happier than you really are. Even if you want to put on a brave front for friends and family, realize that doing so could enable the at-fault party to claim you are not as badly hurt as you claim and you therefore do not deserve all the compensation you are seeking.
  5. Failing to consult an attorney. It is all but impossible to truly understand the potential value of your case without consulting an attorney. Your attorney can explain your rights and options and help you stand firm until you receive a fair settlement offer from the at-fault party.

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